Other Services

Hardware and Software Solutions

KK IT solutions offer complete, up to date, appropriate acquisition of technology and implementation solutions for hardware and software to its clients.

Computer and personal devices

KK IT solutions assist its clints to maintain appropriate laptop, desktop or tablet because these are integral business gadget of all IT workers. We also ensure that all the segments of technology, ranging from hardware to software, network connections and all the other components of technology should work properly.

Continuing maintenance for better performance

KK IT solutions offer the assistance to customize the performance of computer according to needs, to reduce the glitches, bugs and malignant activities to increase efficiency, and ensures that all the security updates are installed promptly.

Server maintenance

In order to avoid glitches such as downtime and deficient productivity, we ensure that your servers are proficient and are running optimally. KK IT solutions monitor your servers 24/7 and fix all the problems

Administration, upgrade and supply of enterprise-grade servers are the specific fields in which KK IT solutions is adept in.

A proficiently working server provides the following advantages:

  • Centralized data storage and shared resources
  • Centralized backup
  • File and network security
  • Protection from virus

Network infrastructure

KK IT solutions can give you the maximum benefits of your new network in order to maintain high class performance and reliability.

We also monitor Flawless communication, data transfer and storage to make all the network working appropriately and accordingly.

Custom Support Services

KK IT solutions provide cheaper offsite and economical IT resource for small and medium enterprises. Our team of skilful IT professionals brings together brilliance and technical expertise to make IT happen for a very nominal fee.

We cover all major areas of IT from workstations to servers and network framework. Crucial areas of your network i.e. servers and network factors are watched around the clock to make sure that the problems are dealt timely before causing any damage to the system. The following support services will be provided by our engineers:

  • Thorough account management and user support
  • Guaranteed phone, on-site and email support within given timeframes
  • On time fault detection and solution by 24/7 monitoring
  • A variety of fix and supporting facilities
  • Surety of monitoring of backup and authentication
  • Imperative IT consultation and review
  • Overall IT assets management
  • Strategic counseling and quarterly review
  • Lifecycle management of IT hardware and software
  • Software license management and renewal schedule.
  • UPS testing annually

Security Solutions

Due to increased risk of cyber-attacks we at KK IT solutions are always working for our clients to protect them in case of any cyber-attack to their businesses. Cyber Security is not a one time job, it need constant reviewing to make sure security levels are always enough to discourage cyber-attackers from making your business a target.

Due to increase risk in this area we collaborate with cloud based data storage platforms to make sure your data is safe and accessible for authorized users only to discourage malicious activity.

Connectivity Solutions

Internet and internal connectivity without downtime is the need of this era. We at KK IT solutions provide infrastructure and support to make sure your network is running at optimum level without any disruptions and downtime. Based on your locality we can recommend best IT infrastructure and ISP providers to get the best speed and reliability.

Working from home or moving your office, KK IT solutions can cater all your connectivity needs to get you going.

Repair / Maintenance / Data Recovery (Mobiles / Laptops)

KK IT solutions is a pioneer in repair and maintenance of any damage caused by accident or other reasons. We understand importance of your data and privacy and we can help recover data from your damaged device. KK IT solutions provide onsite and offsite support to our clients to make sure they feel safe in this uncertain time of pandemic.

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